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This TikToker filmed himself quitting his job, then gave a passionate speech about self-worth

A TikTok user is drawing both praise and criticism after recording a video of the dramatic moment he decided to quit his job.Maxwell Leland Dean, a former property management professional in Salt Lake City, posted the clip on June 24, where it’s since been viewed more than 4.7 million times.The video, captioned with the words “I quit my job and filmed it!” shows Dean briefly speak into his phone camera before approaching hiss boss, Sandy.“Hey Sandy? I quit,” he tells his boss. “You’re a b**** for talking to Mary the way you have — and [how you’ve] been treating us. So, I’m out.”@maxwelllelanddean I quit my job and filmed it! Dont let it flop! ##FeelTheFlip ##SummerLooks ##fyp ##foryourpage ##iquit ##work ##dontletthisflop ##funny ♬ original sound – ma...
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Basic hitch: how to option every 2020 full-size light-duty truck for work

Believe it or not, there are some customers who buy or lease a truck and actually make the thing work for a living. As it happens, manufacturers know not all pickups will lead a semi-charmed life of shuttling kids to the rink and making Costco runs on weekends.That’s why it remains possible to configure full-size light-duty trucks for labour, not luxury.They make up a small but important percentage of the product mix, inhabiting our nation’s job sites while ferrying hard-working Canadians to the oil patch or construction areas.We’ve delved into each of the five models available in today’s so-called ‘half-ton’ class, choosing specs designed to help customers get the job done, not impress the neighbours. Where possible, the trucks in this list will have four-wheel-drive and an eig...