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Here are the top Canadian telecommunications stories of 2020

The Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) kicked off the top telecommunications news of the year when it held hearings for its review of mobile wireless services in February. Despite the world turning upside down shortly after, telecommunications news did not stop amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There were numerous noteworthy things, such as initial 5G network launches, new legislation, and calls for reformed privacy laws amid the burgeoning digital sector. There was a lot of telecommunication news in Canada last year, so here is a rundown of some of the biggest stories that will continue in 2021. CRTC Review of Mobile Wireless ServicesThe CRTC held hearings regarding its review of mobile wireless services in mid-February, and one of its main goals was to d...
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TekSavvy asks the Federal Court of Appeals to overturn CRTC’s wholesale rate suspension decision

TekSavvy is asking the Federal Court of Appeals to overturn the CRTC's suspension decision last month regarding wholesale rates. On September 28, the commission approved the licensees' request to postpone the implementation of the reduced total fees that were introduced in August 2019. The carrier argues that the CRTC suspension decision is "so flawed and unreasonable that the Federal Court of Appeals should annul it." TekSavvy Vice President of Carrier and Regulatory Affairs Andy Kaplan-Myrth states that "the failure of the CRTC to implement the fair and reasonable final wholesale rates it established in 2019 only serves to weaken competition and maintain high prices for consumers. " In its court filing, TekSavvy argues that the suspension decision is contrary to the federal govern...
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TekSavvy Raises Internet Prices and Blames the Feds for Siding with Big Telcos

TekSavvy has announced that it will increase Internet rates for clients following a Cabinet statement that sided with the large telecommunications companies. For customers with plans of 15 Mbps or less, monthly costs will increase by $ 5 CAD per month. Customers with higher plans will see a $ 10 increase. Additionally, TekSavvy said MobileSyrup that the price of the new plan went into effect for new customers from August 16, while existing customers will see the change go into effect on October 1. The Chatham, Ontario-based company sent an email statement to customers explaining the cause of the increase. According to TekSavvy, the federal government "effectively directed the CRTC to increase these wholesale rates." For context, around this time last year, the Canadian Radio, Tele...
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ISPs and Advocacy Groups Respond to Cabinet Decision Regarding CRTC Wholesale Rates

Operators and advocacy groups are responding to the government's decision to back the appeal of Canada's largest telcos to the CRTC's lower wholesale rates. Over the weekend, Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains issued a statement saying that the Governor on the Council believes that the lower CRTC fees since August 2019 do not balance the policy objectives of the wholesale services framework and that tariffs can undermine investment, particularly in rural and remote areas. . Wholesale rates are paid by competitors, such as TekSavvy and Distributel, which then gain access to high-speed networks from incumbents such as Bell, Rogers and Telus. The rates are set so that traditional operators can charge for this access after the CRTC reviews the information on how much it costs to operat...
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Government Sides on Telecoms Side by Appealing to CRTC’s Lower Wholesale Rates

The federal government is supporting Canada's largest telecommunications petition to lower CRTC's wholesale rates. “Based on his review, the Governor-in-Council considers that the rates do not adequately balance, in all cases, the policy objectives of the wholesale services framework and is concerned that these rates may undermine investment in high-quality networks, particularly in rural and remote areas, ”said Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains in a statement on August 15. “Retroactive payments to affected wholesale customers are appropriate in principle and can encourage cooperation in regulatory procedures. However, these payments, which reflect rates, must be balanced so as not to stifle investments in the network. " Last Augu...