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The sPot is a modified iPod that can stream music from Spotify

I will never forget the day my iPod Classic died. He had just started working on Postmedia's now-defunct publication. I got up from my desk to get a glass of water, and unfortunately, on the way to the kitchen, my iPod Classic fell out of its back pocket onto the floor, causing its hard drive to be completely unresponsive. At the time, I didn't think much of this incident as I had already started to change my music by listening to Rdio and then finally Spotify. Still, every now and then when I see Apple's classic portable music player, I get nostalgic for the time when we actually walked around with thousands of MP3s in our pockets. As a result, whenever a story comes up involving a modified version of the classic Apple iPod, it always piques my interest. Although we ha...
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Apple continued to dominate the wireless headphone market in 2020: report

Apple continued to dominate the global wireless headphone market in 2020, as the tech giant accounted for nearly 50 percent of the market. A new report from Strategy Analytics reveals that the wireless headphone market experienced growth of nearly 90 percent last year. “Although the pandemic decelerated demand briefly during the first half of the year, sales recovered strongly during the second half. Working from home benefited the entire Bluetooth headset category in terms of sales volume growth, ”the firm highlights. Xiaomi came in second in terms of global sales and Samsung rounded out the top three. Huawei and Realme came in fourth and fifth respectively. Although Apple dominated the market last year, its share is shrinking ...
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Fujifilm introduces two new cameras, one for professionals and one for everyone

After Sony stole the camera yesterday with the Alpha 1, Fujifilm has followed up with some camera launches of its own. The more impressive of the two is a new GFX 100S, which will cost $ 7,800 in Canada and is aimed at professionals who don't want all the functionality of the larger GFX 100 and prefer to have something more portable. The camera that will appeal to the most people is the new X-E4, a smaller pocket rangefinder-style mirrorless camera designed for taking great pictures and working with the company's X-series lenses. GFX 100S If you are a professional looking to upgrade, you can learn more about the GFX 100S here. It has the same 102-megapixel sensor as the larger GFX 100, which costs $ 13,000 in Canada. The company...
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watchOS 7.3 for Apple Watch Adds New Unity Watch Faces, Time To Walk, and More

watchOS 7.3, the latest version of Apple's portable operating system, will launch today. The update includes several notable features such as a new Unity Watch Face collection to celebrate Black History Month, Fitness + 'Time to Walk' recordings of various notable celebrities, and ECGs in more regions around the world. Along with the new Unity Watch Faces, Apple is also releasing a new version of the Apple Watch Series 6 that includes a Black Unity Sport Band on February 1. Regarding the wider launch of ECG, the feature will be launched in Japan, Mayotte, the Philippines and Thailand. The update also includes performance improvements and fixes related to Control Center and Notification Center issues. While watchOS 7.2 is rolling ou...
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Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch may include blood sugar monitoring function

Samsung's upcoming smartwatch will reportedly be able to track users' blood glucose levels, more commonly known as blood sugar. A report from South Korea Post ETNews notes that the smartwatch would use an optical sensor to track blood sugar instead of drawing blood, which is the way blood sugar is generally monitored. The function will be made possible by "raman spectroscopy" technology. It is worth noting that it is not clear how accurate the blood sugar control function will be compared to traditional methods, considering that the function will be primarily aimed at users with diabetes. Samsung's next smartwatch, which could be called the Galaxy Watch 4, is expected to be unveiled in the second half of this year. It is worth ...
Apple Watch Could Finally Get The Long-Rumored Blood Sugar Feature With The Series 7
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Apple Watch Could Finally Get The Long-Rumored Blood Sugar Feature With The Series 7

It looks like the Apple Watch might finally get a blood sugar monitoring feature with the launch of the Series 7. According to the South Korean publication ETNews, the feature monitors blood glucose levels (commonly known as blood sugar) through an optical sensor. Blood sugar is essential to control and control conditions such as diabetes. Tests related to blood sugar generally require testing a drop of blood or an implanted continuous glucose monitor. ETNews says Apple has obtained several patents related to glucose monitoring and that the company is now "focusing on ensuring reliability and stability before the technology is commercialized." The optical sensor is reportedly designed to detect blood sugar levels through the skin continuously. Rumors surrounding Apple bringing ...
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Rumor has it that Apple’s AR / VR headsets could include a fan and prescription lenses

The ambitions of Apple's virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets are not dead yet. The tech giant's VR and AR headsets will reportedly be primarily a virtual reality device and could even launch in 2022, according to Bloomberg. Other details suggest that the design of the headphones is similar to Magic jump one and that it is a self-contained unit like Oculus Quest and Quest 2. The device's processor is also expected to be more powerful than the current M1 Mac chip, which in theory would allow it to be capable of high-end AR / VR experiences that only connected headphones can run at the moment. The report also says that the current prototype is made of fabric and will include a prescription lens holder. This wou...
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Google’s recent Wear OS survey suggests the tech giant may soon take smartwatches more seriously

Google recently completed its acquisition of FitBit, making it one of the biggest players in the smartwatch space, but is it ready to compete with the Apple Watch? Although I don't think so, it seems like Google is still trying. According to 9to5Google, The tech giant recently sent a survey to Wear OS users asking how satisfied they were with the platform. Users in Reddit state that the survey asked questions related to specific features like battery life, app optimizations, and more. In theory, Google could now take its hardware design expertise and combine it with Fitbit's fitness approach and software, which could result in a viable Apple Watch competitor with Wear OS technology. Either way, now that the Fitbit sale is over, th...
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Sonos starts selling drum kits for the Move speaker

If you got a Sonos Move in 2019 and your battery is starting to run out, you can now buy replacements from the company. Sonos says the Move's battery lasts for about three years or 900 charges. Since the speaker has only been out since September 2019, no one should have a model that is nearing the end of its life cycle. That said, some folks may have worse luck than the company's estimate, so it's nice that the battery upgrade pack is available. The replacement battery kit is priced at $ 89 CAD and comes with all the hardware you need to remove and replace your existing Sonos Move battery. You can buy this kit in black or white to match or add some flair to your Move. The only way I was able to find the drum kit on the Sonos web...
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OnePlus launches fitness tracker in India

OnePlus is expanding its smart tech portfolio with a new smart fitness tracker for the Indian market. This fitness band looks stylish and offers fitness features like step tracking, training monitoring, heart rate sensor and more. OnePlus has even added sleep tracking, which is something that is becoming more popular on wearable devices. One of the coolest things about the fitness band is that it takes a new approach to hardware design that looks a bit more sporty and attractive than typical OnePlus devices. The basic wearable comes in gray and black, but OnePlus says it will also sell accessory straps to give people some pops of color. It is important to note that this band is unlikely to be coming to Canada anytime soon. India...
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Roku Ranked # 1 in TV Operating System in Canada for 2020

Roku is still at the top of the list of smart TV operating systems in Canada and the United States. A new report from Roku citing NPD's weekly retail tracking service says the company owns 31 percent of the smart TV operating system market in Canada. Roku says its popularity is due in part to its simple, remote, and easy-to-use interface and TV manufacturer associations. Your inexpensive entry point helps too. According to Statista, citing data from the first quarter of 2020, Roku is actually the fourth most popular smart TV operating system in the world, with more global brands like Samsung's Tizen and LG's WebOS each with slightly more market share. . Even Sony's PlayStation had a larger install base than Roku in the world. All...
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This device concept looks like a unique mix of a Nintendo Switch and a laptop

Lenovo and NEC have revealed a concept device for CES 2021 that looks like an interesting mix between a Nintendo Switch and a laptop. Dubbed the LaVie Mini, the device features an 8-inch 1920 x 1200 display with a white and gold color scheme and backlit keys, which gives it quite a distinctive look. On top of that, LaVie Mini would sport an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU with Iris Xe graphics, 16GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage, Wi-Fi 6, and a 26 WHr battery. All of these specs help give the device laptop-like functionality, but it doesn't stop there. By folding the keyboard back and connecting a game controller, you can effectively turn the LaVie Mini into a Nintendo Switch-like system. Of course, with the larger screen and more robu...