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Virgin Mobile ‘Winback’ Deal: $ 30 / 7GB and $ 400 Hardware Upgrade Credit [QC]
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Virgin Mobile ‘Winback’ Deal: $ 30 / 7GB and $ 400 Hardware Upgrade Credit [QC]

If you were a Virgin Mobile customer, you can get a $ 30 plan with 7GB of data and extras, if you are in Quebec. According to RFD, Virgin Mobile offers a $ 40 / 4GB plan with 3GB of loyalty data, $ 10 monthly credit (for 24 months), plus 1,000 long distance minutes, plus $ 400 in hardware upgrade credit. Also available with this is a $ 35 upfront including tax iPhone 11 128GB, on Virgin Smart Pay ($ 9.44 / mo for 24 months; after $ 200 worth old phone trade-in and hardware upgrade credit $ 400). A $ 50 credit was also included to cover the user's public mobile plan, while activation fees were also removed. Quebec generally gets better wireless deals than the rest of Canada, due to its regional competitors (Videotron, Fizz) competing against the 3 big wireless carriers. How to...
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Fido, Koodo, Virgin Mobile, Videotron offer a $ 55 / 11GB plan in Quebec

Last month we The Big 3 Wireless Carriers' Sub-Brands Offer a $ 50 / 9GB BYOD Planbut recently, new promotions have increased the data for Quebec users. Fido, Koodo, Virgin Mobile, and Videotron have added a data bonus to their BYOD of $ 55 / 8GB, increasing data by 3GB to 11GB in total.For Videotron customers, the all-inclusive plans get a data bonus of 100GB per year to avoid overages, and when you factor that in, that's an additional 8.3GB per month, for a total of 19GB for $ 55. There's also a 5GB bonus on the $ 60 / 8GB plan, which brings you to 13GB of total data, available also on Fido and Koodo ($ 59 for Videotron; $ 65 / 13GB for Virgin). With COVID-19 and many people working from home and traveling less, it is natural for data consumption to decrease and Wi-Fi us...
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Virgin Mobile Offers 10GB of Free Data to Selected Customers

Bell-owned Virgin Mobile appears to be handing out some free data bonuses to select customers, in the form of 10GB of free data. A iPhone in Canada The reader informs us of the following text message received from Virgin Mobile: Member, we think you are amazing and we want to show you some love. So, we add 10GB / month. bonus data to your current plan at no charge beginning August 11. This will remain on your account until a change is made to your plan. Go to to see your data usage. Any existing overage charges still apply. ( free 10GB data will "stay in your account until a change is made to your plan," which essentially means that the gift will disappear if you change plans. The data is applied automatically. The target user...
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Bell Fibe TV, Virgin TV iOS Apps Get AirPlay Support to Cast to your TV

Bell Fibe TV and Virgin TV for iOS were recently updated to support Apple’s AirPlay protocol, allowing iPhone and iPad users to cast content to supported televisions. These apps allow customers to stream their live TV subscriptions from their iOS devices and Apple TV. “Great news! You can now use Airplay to cast content directly to your TV,” explained the Bell Fibe TV app. A similar message was posted in the version history of the Virgin TV iOS app, which officially launched two weeks ago. “Good news. You can now use AirPlay to cast what you’re watching straight to your TV.” AirPlay support means you can quickly and easily cast whatever you’re watching from your iOS device to an Apple TV, or third party television that supports AirPlay. You can click here to download Bell Fibe...
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Virgin Mobile officially launches ‘Virgin TV’ app-based service

Virgin Mobile Canada has officially launched its app-based service called ‘Virgin TV’ for its Internet Members in Ontario and Quebec. The app-based service doesn’t require a traditional TV set-top box or installation, and just works on customers’ devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Apple TV and Google Chromecast. The Virgin TV app lets users watch two streams at once, pause and rewind live TV, resume on-demand programs where users left off, and track trending shows. It’s a subscription-based service that is available exclusively to Virgin Internet Members with 15Mbps or higher unlimited internet plans. Customers can add Virgin TV starting from $35 per month. The Virgin TV core pac...