Monday, October 26


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Nanoleaf’s new Triangles and Mini Triangles allow for incredible new panel combinations

Earlier this week, Toronto-based smart lighting company Nanoleaf announced an expansion on its 'Shapes' smart lighting panels. The company added two new options to the Shapes line, the new Triangles and Mini Triangles lights. I had the opportunity to test the new Triangles and Mini Triangles and in short, Nanoleaf has outdone itself once again. The new Shapes Triangles are an update to the company's original triangle-shaped Light Panels, but with the new connector that makes them interoperable with other Shapes panels, such as the Hexagon lights released earlier this year. Mini Triangles, on the other hand, are a smaller option that are also more affordable. Someone who wants to get into Nanoleaf without spending a ton of money will appreciate the new Mini Triangles, plus they work ...
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Nanoleaf Introduces New Shapes Triangles and Mini Triangles Light Panels

Toronto-based smart lighting company Nanoleaf announced the latest addition to its Shapes line of smart light panels, 'Triangles' and 'Mini Triangles'. Expanding on Shapes Hexagons, the company first announced at CES this year, Triangles and its smaller Mini variant take advantage of the company's new 'Connect +' technology for interoperable connections. Before Connect + and Shapes, the Nanoleaf light panels couldn't work with each other. Owners of the company's other smart panels such as 'Canvas' or the original triangle-shaped 'Light Panels' cannot use them together due to different size connectors.I really can't overstate how much better Connect + is compared to the old technology. On the one hand, Connect + introduces a ne...