Tuesday, October 27


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Canadian government invests $ 1.5 billion in clean transit funds

The Government of Canada is investing $ 10 billion to help the Canadian economy with a number of green projects across the country. One of these projects will use $ 1.5 billion of the total investment to help Canadian cities add green transportation options. This investment also goes beyond just helping cities with their transit ambitions, and will also help the country's four electric bus manufacturers, according to a report by Canada's electric autonomy. The report also mentions that this investment is losing money by investing in government-funded transit, which accounts for only about 10 percent of large vehicle emissions in Canada. Most of the greenhouse gases come from the commercial sector. That said, it's hard to hate an investment so large that it...
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Feds, province to give $4B to municipalities for COVID-19 recovery – The Canadian News

In an agreement the province is calling historic, the Ontario government and the federal government have partnered to provide $4-billion to municipalities in urgently needed COVID-19 recovery funding. The money is a one-time funding to help relieve financial pressures for shelters, food banks, public health, and transit. In the agreement, Ottawa is providing $777 million and $1.22 billion is coming from the province in support for municipalities. The money from Ottawa is part of the Safe Restart Agreement which would see $19 billion handed out across the country – of which Ontario will be getting $7-billion. “By working together, we have united the country in the face of the immense challenges brought on by COVID-19 and secured a historic deal with the federal government to e...