Monday, October 26

Trans rights

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Dear JK Rowling, Stop Using Gay People To Justify Your Transphobia

JK Rowling is at it again. The author of the much beloved and impossibly influential Harry Potter series can't stop tweeting transphobic rhetoric. She argues she is not hateful. These messages are out of love. She loves biological women and must protect them from men pretending to be women. She loves gay kids and doesn't want them being tricked into becoming transgender. She's doing this because she cares. People like Rowling depict a big, hairy man claiming to be a woman as today's boogeyman. I'm a gay man, so I'm by no means an expert on being a woman or women's experiences in the world. What I can say is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrans women abusing cisgender women has no basis in reality. It's trans women who are more likely to be victims of violence ...