Friday, October 30

Tori Spelling

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Tori Spelling goes crazy in quarantine for ‘Celebrity Show-Off’

By Brent Furdyk. 2 minutes ago TBS's "Celebrity Show-Offs" features several famous people competing to see who can make the most entertaining and engaging content from their quarantined homes. In the latest edition, Tori Spelling shares her offer, which begins when she wakes up in bed surrounded by her children, and a pig named Wilbur, along with a bird resting on her head. Brushing his teeth, Spelling makes a statement. "You know what to do. Everyone's celebrations are missing. Everyone's parties are missing. Everyone is missing movies, yada yada yada. Everyone is missing lifetime"She says, before raising her hands into fists and, in her best impression of Ricardo Montalbán's villain in" Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan ", he shouts to the heavens:" Why aaaa ...