Monday, October 26

Tim Hortons

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Tim Hortons Mobile App Launches NHL Hockey Challenge With Free Prizes

Tim Hortons today announced his NHL Hockey Challenge within his mobile app, offering free prizes to customers. Customers only choose 3 NHL players to score a goal in games that day and if these players score, free prizes are won. The first round prizes are shown below:If one of your players scores a goal, you will receive a mobile offer for a $ 1 coffee of any size If two of your chosen players score a goal, they will receive a mobile offer for a free Donut with a minimum purchase of 50 cents. If three of your chosen players score a goal, they will receive a mobile offer for a free coffee with a minimum purchase of 50 cents.Last month, Tim Hortons partnered with DoorDash to expand your delivery options. In June, an investigative report from The financial position revealed...
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DoorDash Now Delivers Tim Hortons Across Canada, Offers Free Timbits

Last-mile food delivery app, DoorDash, has announced it will now deliver the Tim Hortons menu across Canada, supporting close to 500 locations, starting today. DoorDash says customers will be able to order coffee, donuts, sandwiches and more from Tim Hortons. A new promotion means starting July 27 to August 2, customers who place an order of $12 or more for Tim Hortons within DoorDash can get a free 10-pack of Timbits, using code TIMBITS during checkout (there will be over 60,000 Timbits given away). According to DoorDash, for Tim Hortons orders $12 or higher, there will be $0 delivery fees until August 9, 2020. “Beloved by customers nationwide, we are excited and proud to add the Tim Hortons brand and menu to our platform,” said Ryan Freeman, Head of Canadian Enterprise Partn...