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TikTok improves its privacy measures for young users

TikTok users who are between the ages of 13 and 15 will now have their accounts automatically made private by default. With a private account, only someone the user approves as a follower can view your videos. These users can now choose to receive 'Friends' or 'Nobody' comments for their accounts. The "All" comment setting has been removed. "We want our younger users to be able to make informed decisions about what and with whom they choose to share, including whether they want to open their account in public view," TikTok said in an emailed press release. TikTok is also changing the settings for its 'Duet' and 'Stitch' features, as they will now only be available on content created by users over the age of 16. The default setti...
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TikTok launches its first AR effect powered by Apple’s LiDAR scanner

TikTok has launched its first AR effect that uses the LiDAR sensor of the iPhone 12 Pro to interact with the users' environment. The social media platform says that the LiDAR sensor allows you to "create effects that interact with your environment, visually bridging the digital and physical worlds." The effect is essentially a ball drop filter that counts down from ten and drops confetti that falls on people or things in your room.To sound in 2021, we launched our first AR effect on the new iPhone 12 Pro, using LiDAR technology that allows us to create effects that interact with its surroundings, visually bridging the digital and physical worlds. We are excited to develop more innovative effects in 2021!
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Google is testing TikTok and Instagram videos in search results

If you saw a particularly awesome TikTok, but forgot to like or send it to that certain friend who you always bombard with memes, it will soon be easier to search for it again. According to reports from Search Engine Roundtable, Brian freiesleben and TechCrunch, Google is testing a search feature that highlights Instagram and TikTok content in a new "Short Video" search result carousel.I noticed that Google was embedding videos from Instagram and TikTok into this "short videos" carousel this morning. - Brian Freiesleben (@type_SEO) December 27, 2020Google said TechCrunch in a statement that the role is currently limited to a small group of users and that it will not appear in all searches. It's curre...
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Aisha Malik’s Favorite Things of 2020

When I wrote this list last year, I ended it with: "We hope 2020 is even better than 2019!" We really had no idea what was to come. Needless to say, 2020 was a crazy, unexpected, and completely absurd year. Like many others, I found comfort in connecting with friends and family and spending more time on my hobbies. This included reading, writing, baking, or just watching TV shows and movies. Below are some of the things that helped me get through this incredibly difficult year. Favorite TV show: The Umbrella Academy (season 2) I remember I was looking forward to the second season of The Umbrella academy year-round, and when it finally launched in July, it was a familiar affair amid the madness of the pandemic. The second season was full of the funny family jokes and weirdness that I...
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TikTok Launches Its First Custom ‘Year On TikTok’ Summary Feature

TikTok has launched a custom "Year on TikTok" summary feature that highlights users' habits on the app over the 12 months. "From top-played tracks to favorite creative effects, Year on TikTok lets you revisit some of your defining TikTok memories in true TikTok style," TikTok described in a blog post. Each personalized video highlights the TikTok favorites that users enjoyed throughout the year. It also includes 'vibes' based on the type of content you liked the most. This could include 'so funny', 'hopeless romantic' and 'all about family'. The summary reflects your stats as of December 5 and will show you what day you downloaded the app, if it was in 2020. It will also show you how many times you shared a video. For example, m...
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Several Canadian artists appear on TikTok’s list of the most popular songs of the year

Several Canadian artists, including Drake and Avril Lavigne, have made TikTok's most popular song charts of 2020. Drake's "Toosie Slide" topped the list of the ten fastest songs to reach 1 billion video views on the platform. Canadians Curtis Waters, 437Aiden, and Tate McRae made the list of the 15 Most Notable New Artists for TikTok who made their mark on the platform this year. “The way artists use TikTok to connect with fans and shape the soundtrack of our lives is inspiring and exciting to recognize so many Canadians on this list. TikTok is the perfect platform for the world to discover the vibrant, diverse and talented Canadian music scene, ”said Adam Burchill, music director for TikTok Canada, in an emailed statement. Inter...
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TikTok updates its community guidelines, launches new wellness resources

TikTok is expanding its community guidelines and rolling out new wellness-focused features. The social media platform has updated its guidelines to incorporate feedback from mental health experts to improve its policies on self-harm and suicide content and avoid normalizing self-harm. It has also updated its Eating Disorder Content Policy to avoid normalizing or glorifying dangerous weight loss behaviors. Unfortunately, TikTok is filled with numerous quick weight loss tips aimed at young people, which in some cases can be quite harmful. Additionally, TikTok says its guidelines are now more explicit about the types of content that are not welcome on the platform, such as doxxing and cyberstalking. "We added a harmful activity secti...
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Instagram launches new purchase feature for reels in Canada

Facebook-owned Instagram has announced that its reel buying feature is now available in Canada. "Instagram wants to make it easier to discover and shop at the moment of inspiration, no matter where you are in the app, so now when people see a reel of tagged products, they can tap 'View Products' to buy, save, or learn more about the products, "the social media giant described in an emailed press release. Creators can now tag products when they make a reel, and viewers can click on those products to buy or save them. With this latest release, Instagram has shopping features for all aspects of its app, including Feed, Stories, IGTV, and Live. The platform even completely updated its home screen to emphasize the shopping tab. Althoug...
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TikTok sale deadline overlooked as talks continue with Trump administration

The Trump administration is not imposing its own deadline for ByteDance to sell Tiktok's operations in the United States. Bloomberg reports that an extension is not expected and that the current deadline will be overlooked as discussions between the US government and TikTok continue. The most recent deadline was December 4, which was an extension of the deadline to November 28. TikTok has received numerous deadline extensions, but will not receive another as the conversations continue. ByteDance has been in talks with Oracle and Walmart for months to finalize a deal that would move the US assets of TikTok to a new entity. US President Donald Trump has alleged that the social media platform poses a national security risk because th...
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TikTok reportedly experiments with videos longer than three minutes

TikTok will reportedly begin allowing users to record videos up to three minutes in length, according to social media consultant Matt Navarra. Navarra tweeted a screenshot of the new option, indicating that some people are getting early access to the new feature.😮 TikTok is implementing the ability to upload longer videos up to 3 minutes in length 🤳🏻 - Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) December 2, 2020TikTok users can currently record videos up to a minute in length, which turned out to be the perfect duration for the platform to achieve its success, as users have become accustomed to scrolling through short videos. Considering that three minutes is quite a bit longer, this opens TikTok to a whole new varie...
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US Government Grants ByteDance Seven-Day Extension To Sell TikTok

The Trump administration has granted ByteDance a seven-day extension of an order ordering it to sell TikTok. New TikTok court documents reveal that the deadline is now December 4. Following pressure from the Trump administration, ByteDance has been in talks with Oracle and Walmart for months to finalize a deal that would change the US assets of TikTok to a new entity. Reuters reports that the extension was granted so that the government could review a new “revised presentation” of the company to the Foreign Investment Committee. Federal courts have also blocked several legal challenges that have proposed bans against enforcement in some form, including restrictions on transactions. Another order that sought to ban Apple and Google...
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New TikTok Features Give Parents More Control Over Their Teenagers’ Accounts

TikTok has expanded its family matching feature in Canada with new tools to give parents more supervision and control. Family matching allows parents to link their TikTok account with their teen's to guide their experience on the app. One of the functions allows parents to decide if their teenager can search for content, users, hashtags or sounds. Parents can also decide who can comment on their teens' videos. Another feature allows you to decide whether your teen's account is private or public. Parents can also choose who can see the list of videos that their teen has liked. TikTok notes that "many people enjoy watching videos that others they follow have also enjoyed, so this feature allows families to decide whether others ca...