Friday, October 30


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Theater artists say Canadian theater is ‘predominantly white’ – The Canadian News

As with businesses and industries of all stripes, the Canadian theater industry has had to take a hard look at systemic racism in the field and its impact on People of Color (POC), both on and off the stage. The Canadian theater landscape is considered by many to be "predominantly white" and POCs have to find their way around that systemic hurdle to work and succeed in the industry. "Racism and theater go hand in hand for me," says Qasim Khan, who currently works with the Stratford Festival. Khan is a Newmarket-raised stage, film and television actor. He says that, as a South Asian actor, he learned early on that dealing with racism was a given in his chosen profession. “My theatrical experience was immediately related to racism from my first year in drama school, so it is s...
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Staff and performers confront racism in the theater industry – The Canadian News

The Black Lives Matter movement has received great support around the world following the assassination of George Floyd. The horrific incident has proven to be a catalyst for individuals, businesses and industries around the world to confront systemic racism in their ranks, and the theater is no exception. Two former Mirvish employees say they have experienced racist comments and behavior not only from their co-workers, but also from their clients. "If you're in line to get tickets, they'll usually go to the white person," Ashley Mangru said of the customers she served. Kristin Freeland said a co-worker complained about the influx of Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood, saying, "This used to be a good neighborhood." "[They were] It basically implies that all immigrants ...