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The Beatles

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Sir Paul McCartney reveals everything about the Beatles breakup and why he would never do a residency in Las Vegas

By Becca Longmire. 24 seconds ago Sir Paul McCartney talks about the Beatles breakup, if he would ever do a residency in Las Vegas and more during a candid new interview with British GQ. The 78-year-old says, "What is the biggest mistake about you?": "I guess when the Beatles broke up [around 1970]Maybe there was a misconception that we all hate each other. What I realize now is that because it was a family, because it was a gang, families argue. And families have disputes. And some people want to do this and some people want to do that. "So I think, what happened after that ... the only way to save the Beatles and Apple, and release Peter Jackson's 'Get Back' and that allowed us to release Anthology And all these great remasters of all the great Beatles r...
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Drake officially has the most Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits ever

In The Know and Complex News have come together to bring you the latest news in hip hop music and culture.Drake has officially broken the record for most Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits since the release of his two new singles with DJ Khaled, which shot up to the No. 3 and No. 8 spots as of August 1.“Popstar” and “Greece” are the rapper’s 39th and 40th Hot 100 top 10s. Madonna was the previous record holder with 38 career top 10s, who beat the Beatles’ 34 top 10s in 2002 with the release of “Die Another Day.” Drake’s first Hot 100 top 10 was in 2009 when he came out with “Best I Ever Had” which peaked at No. 2.Madonna, however, still holds the crown for Hot 100 top 10 in lead roles. Due to the collaborative nature of hip-hop, Drake is the lead for 25 of his top 10 singles and...
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Rufus Wainwright Is Joined By 1,500 Singers Around The World For ‘Across The Universe’ Cover

By Corey Atad. 20 secs ago Rufus Wainwright has put a global spin on a Beatles classic. RELATED: Rufus Wainwright Enlists His Musical Family For Final ‘Quarantunes’ Performance The singer has teamed up with the Toronto-based Choir! Choir! Choir!, leading 1,500 singers from around the world for a cover of the song “Across the Universe”. “These voices and faces represent the love and hopefulness we have for our days ahead,” Choir! Choir! Choir! told Rolling Stone in a statement. “As the late great John Lewis (R.I.P.) once said: ‘If it hadn’t been for music, the Civil Rights Movement would’ve been like a bird without wings. Music… brought us together. It created a sense of solidarity.’ As the days pass, we hope we never forget that our voices make a hug...