Saturday, October 31


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College student stuns professor with ‘unusual’ excuse for failing grade: ‘Is this a joke?’

A college student got a second chance on her economics exam after giving her professor an excuse so crazy, he figured it had to be true.Sam Lee, a junior at the University of Georgia, claims she failed her online test because of … well … her dinner.The 20-year-old says she was eating a sandwich when a meatball fell from the sub, hit her keyboard and prematurely logged her out of the exam. According to her now-viral Twitter post explaining the ordeal, she was unable to log back in and finish.Lee received a grade of 39.17 on the test, so she emailed her professor about a retake. Boldly, she explained exactly what happened — and even included some photo evidence.“I’m not kidding I am sitting here eating a meatball sub taking my econ test … A meatball fal...