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Robert Pattinson tried to trick Christopher Nolan while filming ‘Tenet’ so he could audition for ‘Batman’

By Jamie Samhan. 10 seconds ago Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP, File / CPImages Nothing was going to get into the way Robert Pattinson auditioned for "Batman," including filming "Tenet." While talking to him Irish times On Christopher Nolan's "Tenet," Pattinson recalled how he tried to trick the director into going to audition for Matt Reeves' "The Batman." The plan did not work. "It's funny because Chris is very secretive about everything that has to do with his movies," said Pattinson. Adding: “And then I had to be very secretive about the Batman stuff. So I had to lie to Chris about having to do a screen test; I told him I had a family emergency. And as soon as I said 'it's a family emergency,' he said, 'You're going ...
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Seth Rogen calls Christopher Nolan’s pandemic release plans for ‘Tenet’

By Corey Atad. 14 seconds ago Seth Rogen, Christopher Nolan. Photo: CP images Seth Rogen is happy to see that Christopher Nolan is now taking a more cautious approach to the release of his new movie "Tenet". RELATED: Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon Take Pictures of Pickle Juice During 'Tonight Show' Challenge In a new interview with Hollywood reporter, the "An American Pickle" actor shot the box office director for originally pressuring "Tenet" to hit theaters in July amid the pandemic. "I'm waiting to see what Chris Nolan does," Rogen joked. “'WWCND' is basically what we are saying at all times. What would Chris Nolan do? For a time, it seemed that the answer was to kill his best admirers. But that's not today's answer, it...
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‘Tenet’ To Open Internationally First, In U.S. A Week Later

By Jake Coyle, The Associated Press. 7 secs ago In the latest plan for Hollywood’s hopeful return to moviegoing during the pandemic, Warner Bros. will release Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” in an unprecedented fashion, opening it internationally first on Aug. 26, with a U.S. release in select cities to follow over Labor Day weekend. Warner Bros. on Monday said “Tenet” will arrive in more than 70 countries on Wednesday, Aug. 26, including Japan, Russia, much of Europe, Australia and Canada. The $200 million thriller will open in the U.S. about a week later on Thursday, Sept. 3. The staggered release will be tailored to outbreaks of COVID-19. Instead of the usual global launch of a summer blockbuster, “Tenet” will make its way through theatres as they are open. The film, origina...