Saturday, October 24

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Walmart Canada’s Twitter account confirms that touch payments will arrive in November

Walmart Canada plans to roll out pay-per-touch in stores next month, according to a tweet from the company. The Walmart Canada Twitter account (@ WalmartCanada) replied to Twitter user '@Shawzborne, "pointing out that" customers can expect to see [tap payment] in stores in November. "That likely means credit and debit card usage, as well as mobile payment systems like Apple and Google Pay, will soon be working in Walmart stores.Hi. Pay-per-touch is on the way and customers can expect to see it in stores in November. - Walmart Canada (@WalmartCanada) October 14, 2020As further proof, several Walmart Canada stores have updated their payment terminals with new Ingenico 'Lane / 7000' terminals. iPhone in Canada shared a photo of...