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Nintendo reportedly said the Joy-Con drift problem ‘is not a real problem’

Nintendo argued that the Switch Joy-Con drift issue "is not a real problem or has not caused any inconvenience to anyone," US law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith (CSK & D) said in an email. electronic. then posted online. CSK & D is now asking people to provide video accounts to detail the negative experiences they had with Nintendo Switch controllers, according to the Chronicle of videogames (VGC). For those unfamiliar with the Switch, Joy-Con drift refers to an issue where the joystick controls on the handheld console record inputs even when players don't touch them. The issue has plagued the console for some time and was brought to the attention of the general public when a class action lawsuit was filed against the company in 2019. The...
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Canadian Bowser among group arrested for selling Nintendo tricks

Two members of the hacking group 'Team Xecuter', best known for their Nintendo hacks, were arrested and charged with fraud. The two were French national Max Louarn and Gary Bowser, who originally came from Canada but was arrested in the Dominican Republic. According to The edge, Xecuter was a sophisticated operation that developed tools to crack locked game consoles like the Nintendo Switch. For example, a tool created by the company, called 'SX Pro', was a USB device that allowed Switch consoles to run pirated games. Along with the Switch, the group created hacking tools for the Nintendo 3DS, NES Classic, and more. Ars Technica He also reported that Team Xecuter's profit motive made it controversial in the modding and emulation communities. Those groups tend to focus on open source...
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Minecraft Steve, Enderman and more coming to Super Smash Bros. for Switch

In a new twist, Nintendo has brought in the default blocky character of Minecraft to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. So far, it looks like there will be a Minecraft-themed setting and some skins to filter. The fighter's skins appear to run through an Enderman, a Zombie, and a few other recognizable ones. Minecraft characters. These characters will be part of the game's second $ 31.49 CAD The Fighters Pass. In general, the characters seem to have a unique move set based on both building blocks around the battlefield and materials mined from the ground to upgrade weapons.For example, at one point in the trailer, we see a player extract a piece of iron, call out a workbench, and then build an iron sword. After that, we get a glimpse of som...
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Nintendo’s offer offers third-party games up to 80 percent off

If you're stuck inside bored because you're socially distanced or quarantined, a Nintendo sale might be all you need. There are currently quite a few promotions available through the eShop, including a Digital Switch Game sale, a Bethesda Publisher sale, and a NIS America promotion. Here are some of the games below with Canadian prices:For the full list, see this Reddit Post by lbabinz -- It is much easier to use than eShop.
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How to share and save screenshots from the Nintendo Switch

Taking screenshots on the Nintendo Switch is easy enough, but sharing them or saving them onto your phone can be a bit more of a convoluted process. Hopefully, this guide can help you become a screenshot master so you can share all your awesome Switch memories from here on out. How to take a screenshot On the left Joy-Con controller that came with your Switch, there’s a little square button with a circle inside it. This is your camera button that takes screenshots when you tap it. If you want to record a 30-second video, hold down on this button, and you’ll record half a minute of footage. This small button should be on all of your controllers below the directional pad. Sharing your screenshots and saving them onto your phone There are two ways to do this, but neither is as simple a...
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Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass likely never coming to Switch, PlayStation

Though Xbox head Phil Spencer once stated that Xbox Game Pass could eventually make its way to “all platforms” thanks to the power of its game streaming platform xCloud, it seems that is no longer the case. Below are several excerpts from Spencer’s recent interview with GameStar: “The thing about other gaming console platforms is we’re not able to bring a full Xbox experience on those platforms.” “In places where we have, like mobile phones like we’re doing now with xCloud coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate…what we’ve done with PC in bringing our full Xbox experience there. Because we know when somebody is playing one of our Xbox games there is an expectation that I’ve got my Xbox Live community, I have my achievements, Game Pass is an option for me, my first-party library is complet...
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If you want the best looking Switch graphics possible, get an mClassic

If you own both a Nintendo Switch or any other ageing non-native 4K game console and a 4K TV, the mClassic is a useful little dongle that can make some games look a lot better. However, with some games, the results aren’t very noticeable, so it’s a bit of a toss-up. Before I get into that, I’ll explain what precisely the mClassic does and how it works. Upscaling with a dongle?The mClassic is a tiny device that plugs into your console’s HDMI port and applies anti-aliasing, sharpening and upscaling to whatever image goes through it. Upscaling means that it makes lower resolution games look better on 4K TVs. Sharpening seems to apply mainly to older games based on the device’s marketing materials, but it’s still nice with some newer games that feature a retro art style. The last piece o...
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Paper Mario: The Origami King is a great intro to the RPG genre

During the several hours I’ve spent with Paper Mario: The Origami King, I encountered more than a few instances where the game felt a little too simple for my taste due to its relatively shallow puzzle-based combat mechanics. For example, The Origami King doesn’t feature experience points in an effort not to emphasize character progression, one of the key elements usually featured in turn-based RPGs and JRPGS. Ultimately, I found this disappointing and, in some cases, it led to me avoid battles altogether. This is unfortunate because the game’s battle system is surprisingly inventive and original. It involves sliding circular panels around to line enemies up in a row for the perfect combo. There are other elements to the combat system as well, including a timer that adds much-needed pr...
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Donkey Kong Country is headed to Nintendo Switch Online on July 15

Brutally challenging Super Nintendo platformer Donkey Kong Country is the latest notable retro title to make its way to Nintendo’s Switch Online service. Along with the 1994 side-scrolling title are two more obscure games, including Natsume Championship Wrestling for the SNES which also released in 1994, and The Immortal, a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) fantasy RPG. All three titles are coming to Nintendo Switch Online on July 15th. These latest three games join a several of other notable SNES and NES games, including Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Star Fox, Breath of Fire II, The Legend of Zelda and of course, the well-known, critically acclaimed NES game, Eliminator Boat Duel (look it up because it’s ridiculous).Hopefu...
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Nintendo president makes vague apology for Joy-Con drift issues

The Nintendo Swap’s removable Pleasure-Con controllers have skilled a number of points because the handheld’s launch again in 2017, together with connectivity issues and, extra just lately, ‘Pleasure-Con drift.’ For anybody unfamiliar, Pleasure-Con drift refers to joystick motion registering even when gamers aren’t touching the gamepad’s analogue sticks. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa just lately apologized for the widespread difficulty in a latest Q&A with Endgadget. “We apologize for any inconvenience brought about to our clients concerning Pleasure-Con,” Furukawa stated throughout the interview. “We'll do our greatest to make sure that our clients can use our companies and merchandise with peace of thoughts.” The rampa...