Monday, October 26

surprise birthday

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Husband absolutely botches surprise birthday dinner

You’ve heard of husbands forgetting their anniversaries or partner’s birthdays, but how about a husband who intentionally pretended to forget his wife’s birthday for fun?A Reddit user by the name KissanKissai shared the marriage blunder on the subreddit Today I F***ed Up, explaining that he had intended to go all out on a big surprise for his wife’s birthday.“I decided, being the idiot I am, to pretend that I had forgotten my wife’s birthday just to make the surprise, well, even more of a surprise,” KissanKissai wrote. “She comes home in the evening after work and tadaa!! When she opens the door I’ll be waiting for her with gifts, flowers dinner and everything romantic I could think of.”KissanKissai had his wife’s birthday off, so he spent the day getting eve...