Saturday, October 31

Surface Neo

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Windows 10X for single-screen devices won’t arrive until 2021: report

Windows 10X, Microsoft’s operating system designed for dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo, reportedly won’t arrive until 2021. The news comes after several delays and changes in what Microsoft wants Windows 10X to be. While the company initially planned for the OS to power dual-screen devices, it later pivoted to making Windows 10X for single-screen devices. In May, Microsoft cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the main reason for its shift from dual-screen to single-screen with 10X. At the time, Panos Panay, Microsoft’s head of Surface and Windows, wrote in a blog post that “the world is a very different place” and said the company would instead focus on meeting customers where they are now: single-screen devices. Now, a ZDNet re...