Friday, October 23

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Quibi will be closed just six months after launch

Surprise: Quibi is dead. Quibi, a mobile-focused short-form video streaming service that struggled to find an audience amid a global pandemic where many people work from home, is shutting down, according to The Wall Street Journal. Since the platform was only available for six months, this makes it one of the shorter-lived streaming services. Several factors are likely to play a role in Quibi's untimely demise, including that a mobile-centric streaming service is pointless when people are at home, that none of its content was compelling enough to attract returning subscribers, and the fact that you can watch shorts form video content on platforms like YouTube and TikTok completely free of charge. It's unclear what will happen to Qu...
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CTV app for iOS, Android now offers more live and on-demand channels

Bell Media’s CTV app for iOS and Android now offers a new design with more live streaming options. The update features an expansion of content options, including live and on-demand streaming of CTV Comedy Channel, CTV Drama Channel and CTV Sci-Fi Channel and CTV Life Channel. This update is available on Android TV and iOS now and is coming to Android later. Furthermore, CTV Throwback, CTV Movies, and SnackableTV are completely unlocked for users with no subscription or sign-in required. CTV Throwback shows are also uncropped in their original 4:3 aspect ratio. A TV service provider sign-in is required for access to full seasons of TV shows, and access to the live streams of CTV Comedy, CTV Drama, CTV Sci-Fi and CTV Life. Additional...