Tuesday, October 27


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Man shares terrifying encounter with intruder at work: ‘There’s no where to hide’

Working the night shift at work is pretty creepy as it is, but this man had a truly terrifying experience while on the clock.TikTok user matthall36 recorded footage of what he said was an intruder outside his workplace late one night — and shared the video with his followers.He opened the video with a disclaimer that said, “ignore me talking so much I was on the phone with 911.” Right off the bat, you know it’s going to be serious.Matthall36’s hands shook as he recorded live footage from the security camera outside his workplace. He explained to the 911 operator that a mysterious figure was dragging a bag outside.Just as he said that he couldn’t see the person’s face, the person took off running down to his door. Then there was a loud banging at the...