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Google Photos teardown suggests the app could offer free Google One trials

A teardown of a recent update to Google Photos revealed that the search giant will soon offer free trials of its cloud storage subscription program through the photo backup service. There are a few things to keep in mind before we dive too deep into teardown. First, the teardown is courtesy of 9to5Google, which decompiled Photos update 5.24 and checked the code. Due to the nature of teardowns, many features hinted at in the code snippets are incomplete or may never be released. As such, take a whole grain of salt and hope things change if they are officially released. With that said, let's dig deeper. from 9 to 5Photos version 5.24 teardown revealed code snippets pertaining to a Google One free trial offer. Google One, if you ha...
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Xbox Series S will only allow you to use 364GB of its 512GB storage

Xbox Series S customers should be careful - you'll only have about 364GB of usable space on the console's 512GB SSD. As reported by KotakuThe lower-cost S Series console, which is intended as a cheaper alternative for people who don't want all the power available in the Xbox Series X, has some unfortunate storage limitations. The news follows the X Series previews earlier this year, where it was revealed that of the 1TB of storage built into the console, gamers would only have access to about 800GB. The other 200 GB was reserved for the operating system and other files. Although the Xbox Series S console reserved around 50GB less space for these same files, it also starts out with about half the storage as the Series X. And with ...
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Millennials, this avocado hack is honestly better than owning a house

When TikTok user kmag1 captioned her fourth-ever upload with “BEST. LIFE. HACK. EVER.” she was not messing around.“It’s not a dance, it’s not a perfect lip sync, it’s how to save half of an avocado,” kmag1 explains.Kmag1 stores her avocado by filling the bottom of the Tupperware with water and depositing the avocado half face-down. In her follow-up TikTok, she pulls the avocado out 24 hours later and it looks almost exactly the same.The simple hack makes sense. Avocados are one of the healthiest foods you can eat, but storing it properly at home is almost a guaranteed disaster because of how quickly they can turn mushy and brown. Avocados require a ton of water to produce, so wrapping up a slice in plastic wrap and sticking it in your fridge almost ne...