Sunday, January 24

Square Enix

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Dragon Quest Tact launches on Android and iOS on January 27

Square Enix has announced that its Dragon Quest Touch The mobile game will launch on Android and iOS in North America on January 27. The Tactical RPG has been available in Japan from July 2020. Pre-registration is now available at the App store and Play store, with Square Enix promising a limited-time "King Slime" early access bonus for all players at launch. As the name suggests, Dragon Quest Touch features turn-based and strategy-focused gameplay. Throughout the game, you can capture signatures Dragon quest monsters like Slimes, Hybirds and Hammerhoods and use them in battle. Dragon Quest Touch was directed by Dragon quest creator Yuji Horii and features music from the series' longtime composer Koichi Sugiyama and monster design...
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Dragon Quest Tact is a charming and engaging mobile tactics game

I've never been a great strategy game guy. Although I can definitely admire the depth found in games like XCOM Y Civilization, they are not usually for me. That's why I appreciate Square Enix's Dragon Quest Touch. It is a free gacha version of a tactics game, which opens it up to many players. Based on my time with a preview version of the game for iOS, it succeeds in being a fun and relaxed “tactical” experience. In Dragon Quest Touch, you play as a human who wakes up in the monster-filled world of Orchesterra. Using a magic staff, you must defeat these creatures and then command them in battle. Beyond that, Touch seems to have a generic "go out and save the day, adventurer!" kind of a mobile game story with some rather hackneyed dialogue. Fortunately, the gameplay is much m...