Sunday, January 24

sports stacking

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Watch this teenager complete a cup stacking round in under 6 seconds

Jordan Neuman is really good at sports stacking. He’s on Team USA in the World Sport Stacking Association and is ranked second for male stackers in Florida, twenty-first for male stackers in the U.S. and fifty-sixth for male stackers in the world.For the uninitiated, sports stacking requires an individual or team to arrange cups in a predetermined sequence as fast as possible. The game usually has nine or 12 cups that are designed for quick stacking.Neuman went viral on TikTok this July when he speed-stacked three sets of cups in 5.683 [email protected] #fyp #sportstacking ♬ WHATS POPPIN (feat. DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne) – Remix – Jack HarlowNeuman starts off by spreading his legs out into a wide stance so that he is positioned closer to the table. First,...