Friday, October 23


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Spike Email App Gains Support for iOS 14’s Default Email App Feature

Spike, an interesting email client that reimagines your long chain conversations as something more like text messages, is the latest email app to add support for iOS 14's default app settings. With the latest update to the app, people can set Spike as the default, which means that when they click on an email address, iOS will open Spike instead of Apple Mail. in a post on your website, Spike pointed out that there are two ways to change the settings. First, users can head to the Settings app on iOS, scroll down to Spike, tap on it, tap on 'Default Mail App', and select Spike from the list. The other way is within the Spike app. Opening the app settings menu and tapping 'Use as my default mail app' will open the same iOS settings menu to select the defaul...