Thursday, October 29

Speed Limit

Speed Limit, Tesla

Tesla Speed ​​Limit Sign Support Coming to Canada in Next Update

Tesla today pushed a couple of software updates for its vehicles, with the first update featuring Speed ​​Assist for highways to detect speed limit signs in the United States. According to TeslaNorth, Canadians will be able to track local speed sign limits with their Tesla in the next update. In addition to Speed ​​Assist, today's 2020.40.0.1 update has also introduced a priority Bluetooth device feature, as well as a glove box PIN. Meanwhile, the second update 2020.40.0.4 has added a mobile app ventilation windows feature for the S model and a charging port inlet heater for the 3 model and Y model. In a Tweet earlier today, the Tesla hacker @greentheonly He noted that more features will also arrive in 2020. He said the heated charging port feature will eventually make its w...