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New Sonos Radio stations coming in, but not all coming to Canada

Sonos is releasing some new original radio shows under the 'Sonos Sound System' brand, but some of the best soundingArtist Radio hour'The programs will not be available in Canada. I will start with the new shows that everyone can enjoy. Sonos is adding three new recurring radio shows from some pretty cool origins. The shows are described below:Sound object: a weekly music and culture podcast hosted by a poet and cultural critic Hanif Abdurraqib. The show will dive deeply into the music of the moment and the stories surrounding today's songs. Tune in to Object of Sound on Sonos Radio, Mixcloud, and podcast platforms everywhere. Black is black: a monthly radio station hosted by Dj lindsey examine the impact of the black diaspor...
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Sonos Offers Boxing Day Discounts on Speakers and More

Sonos has launched its Boxing Day Deals on several of your devices and can currently save up to $ 200 off. Here is an overview of the deals you can get:Sub for $ 799 (save $ 100) 5.0 Surround Set including Beam, One SL (pair) for $ 857 (save $ 100) 3.1 Entertainment bundle including Beam and Sub for $ 1,198 (save $ 200) Entertainment set including Arc and Sub for $ 1,798 (save $ 100) Surround sound bundle including Beam, Sub, One SL (pair) for $ 1,656 (save $ 200) Surround Set including Arc, Sub, One SL (pair) for $ 2,256 (save $ 100)You can learn more about Sonos offer here.
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Sonos update allows users to add a second Sub to a room

Sonos users can now boost the bass in a room by adding a second subwoofer to their setup. Before this update, each room could only have one Sub. Sonos says Dual Subs have been a long-requested feature, but it appears the company is only focusing on adding this feature to its speakers that are used with televisions, including Arc, Beam, Playbar, Playbase, and Amp. There are also some other restrictions. At least one of the Subs you plan to use must be a newer 3rd Gen Sub from this year as it needs additional processing power. You can also use this feature only with the new Sonos S2 app. It should be noted that the amplifier does not need to be connected to a television, making it the only option for people looking to add extra bas...
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Sonos Launches New ‘Upgrade Program’ Offering Up To 30 Percent Discount On New Speakers

Sonos has launched a new 'Update program' offering up to 30 percent off new speakers if you own select older models. The company's Canadian website describes that if you own a Play: 1 or Play: 3, Sonos will give you a 15 percent discount on the purchase of a new speaker. If you have a Play: 5, Connect: Amp or Connect, you are eligible for a 30 percent discount. It's important to note that you don't need to swap your old speakers to get the discounts, so you can still keep them. Users must log in to their account and go to the system page to view eligible products. You can then select products to upgrade and instantly activate your credit with up to 30 percent off. The credit will be applied automatically at the end of the purcha...
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Sonos sues Google for more patent infringement

Sonos has launched another patent-related lawsuit directed at Google, alleging that the search giant uses its multi-room functionality in the company's Google and Nest smart speakers. Sonos first took legal action against Google during CES in January 2020 for a handful of multi-room audio patents, including how to set up a playback device in a wireless local area network, how to manage and control groups of playback devices and many more. Since then, the International Trade Commission has been investigating the possibility of taking Google's infringing products off the market as the companies battle it out in the courtroom. Sonos knows this court battle will likely last more than two years, according to The edge report, but that doesn't stop the compa...
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Sonos files another lawsuit against Google for infringement of five patents

In january Sonos sued Google in the US. seeking financial damages and a ban on the sale of certain Google products for allegedly stealing its intellectual property. Later in June Sonos counterclaimed by Google for alleged patent infringement, intensifying the ongoing legal dispute. Now, Sonos has filed a second lawsuit against Google for infringement of five patents, as the latter is preparing to introduce additions to its line of smart speakers. Sonos says it has filed another lawsuit because Google has chosen to double down on its disregard for intellectual property. The company says its patents enable features that are "fundamental to the experiences customers expect from today's smart speakers," including Trueplay, which allows the user to transfer music playback to the ...
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How to fix Alexa “Sorry device is offline” on Sonos when trying to play music

If you have selected and added Amazon Alexa to your Sonos speaker, the voice assistant should be able to play music on Spotify and perform other tasks for you, just by asking with your voice. But if you have come across an error where Alexa will reply, "I'm sorry the device is disconnected" when you ask it to play Spotify music, for example, on your Sonos Bow, here's how to fix it. First, navigate to (better to do this on your Mac or PC desktop browser) and log in, then select Skills in the sidebar, search Sonos and then click "Disable Skill". Then re-enable the Sonos Skill by clicking "Enable" and following the sign-in instructions. Once you've done these steps, asking Alexa to play music on your Sonos speaker should work again, as the devices in question will...
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Microsoft’s Panos Panay Joins Sonos Board of Directors

Microsoft's chief product officer, as well as the face of Surface hardware brand, Panos Panay, are now on the Sonos board of directors. Sonos Board Chairman Mike Volpi announced the change in published press release Monday. “Panos brings a wealth of experience in creating powerful and engaging consumer hardware products and experiences that customers love, on a global scale. He understands how hardware and software work together to deliver easy-to-use products and a great experience. His track record, along with his passion for Sonos, will make him an impactful contributor to the continued success of the company. " Volpi said. The press release states that the change took effect on August 12, 2020. At first glance, Panay join...