Wednesday, October 28


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Researchers discover a Snapdragon flaw that puts Android phones at risk

Researchers in Check Point They have discovered security vulnerabilities affecting millions of Android phones through Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips. Security researchers found more than 400 code vulnerabilities in the chips' digital signal processors (DSPs). They have not disclosed specific details about the flaws to prevent bad actors from exploiting the vulnerabilities. However, Check Point notes that attackers can exploit vulnerabilities to record calls, steal data, install malware, and render devices unusable. The researchers describe that the phone vendors could not fix the problem on their own, as Qualcomm has to address it first. Qualcomm has acknowledged the vulnerabilities and said it has shared details with the brands a...
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Qualcomm allegedly wants the US to let it sell Snapdragon chips to Huawei

Qualcomm reportedly wants the Trump administration to allow the sale of its Snapdragon mobile chips to Huawei. The report comes from Wall street journal (via 9to5Google) and follows Huawei's recent confirmation that it would no longer use its internal Kirin processors. Due to the US ban on the China-based phone maker, Huawei's contractors will no longer accept orders to make Kirin chips. According to the WSJQualcomm wants Trump to lift certain restrictions on Huawei so that it can provide the company with 5G chipsets. Furthermore, the WSJ It said Qualcomm wants to tap into the potential of “$ 8 billion” (about $ 10.7 billion CAD) in orders from Huawei. Along with that, a Qualcomm deal could prevent "two foreign competitors" f...