Saturday, October 24


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This Amazon worker did the absolute most after finding a snake at his customer’s door

An Amazon worker is going viral after sharing the endearing way he dealt with an unexpected on-the-job issue.The delivery employee, Faisal Latif, recorded the incident while attempting to drop off a package, then later posted the video on TikTok. In his clip, Latif reveals that he found a snake “waiting” for him at the customers’ doorstep.“You CAN’T make this stuff up,” Latif, who is also a YouTuber and Instagram influencer, captioned his video.Latif’s clip has been viewed more than 22,000 times, racking up plenty of comments from users who praised his reaction. At first, he’s clearly scared of the animal, but he ultimately manages to complete his delivery and scare off the [email protected] Just a day in delivering for @amazon 😂 ##fyp ##foryou...