Monday, October 26


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Orlando Bloom scares Katy Perry during her live broadcast of ‘Smile Sunday’

By Jamie samhan. 7 seconds ago Katy Perry hosted her “Smile Sunday” session once again and paid tribute to her dog Mighty. During the second week of his three-week series, Perry took a moment to say "RIP to Mighty," the dog of her fiancé Orlando Bloom who recently died after disappearing. A fan asked Perry how he got his other dog, Nugget. The future mother confessed that cats were her thing until she realized that the love of a dog is unconditional. Things then turned to his music, as Perry teased the clips from his next album. Smile for his viewers, until Bloom crashed and scared Perry. RELATED: Orlando Bloom Says Relationship With Katy Perry Has Been A 'Roller Coaster Of Highs And Lows' Perry was so into the music that he didn't notice him sneaking into t...
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The Weeknd releases new single ‘Smile’, collaboration with late rapper Jugo WRLD

By Brent Furdyk. 17 seconds ago Juice WRLD passed away in December, but his music lives on with the release of a new single "Smile," the rapper's first (and, sadly, only) collaboration with Weeknd. The new lyric video for the single features an artist in his studio, painting a vibrant portrait of Juice WRLD while listening to his voice, "I would do anything in my power to see you smile." Then, the artist works on a portrait of the Weeknd, which intervenes with his verse: "I just want to see you smile / Don't cry / Although that means I have to let you go / It depends on you, you have to learn to be alone". " RELATED: Juice WRLD's Album Is The Biggest Posthumous Debut Since Tupac And Notorious BIG The Weeknd first revealed that the col...
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Orlando Bloom makes a shirtless appearance in Katy Perry’s live video

By Becca Longmire. 17 seconds ago Katy Perry had a special surprise for fans during a recent live stream. Singer Orlando Bloom's fiance made a shirtless appearance while holding Perry's Nugget dog while talking to fans. RELATED: Katy Perry Reveals Which Song She Is Excited To Sing For Her Daughter Bloom said hello to the camera, before asking Perry, who is pregnant with the couple's first baby, what she wanted while complaining about being hungry. When Bloom said goodbye, Perry explained how they had been feeling depressed recently after the death of actor Mighty's beloved dog. He also said of the appearance of his other half: "That is what happens when you do a live broadcast from your guest room." RELATED: Katy Perry Announced Her Ne...