Thursday, October 22

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YouTuber makes Doom Eternal playable on Samsung smart refrigerator

Over the past few months, we have seen Condemn playable in various unorthodox ways, even within Minecraft and even on a pregnancy test. Now, the last entry in the franchise, Doom Eternal, has unofficially arrived at a Samsung smart refrigerator. For this, Richard Mallard, who has a YouTube channel called 'ChillinwithTwisted420, 'downloaded the Android version of the Xbox Game Pass app onto your Samsung refrigerator. Doom Eternal hit Game Pass earlier this month. Check it out below on Mallard's channel:Interestingly, this also means that Doom Eternal It first came to a Samsung refrigerator before an Apple platform did. While the game can be streamed to Android devices via Google Stadia and Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, App...