Monday, November 30


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Dog uses a soundboard to communicate over 45 phrases to its owners

Bunny is a 1-year-old Sheepadoodle who can communicate a bit better than most dogs. Bunny can request walks and scratches, and can even tell her family she loves them. That’s because her owner Alexis Devine trained Bunny to use a hextile soundboard with 45 words on it since she was a pup.Whenever Bunny wants something she can tap a sound to convey a message. She is even able to combine words to say more specific phrases. Devine told The Sun that the first phrase the dog learned was “outside” for when she had to use the bathroom. The owner was inspired to use a soundboard after seeing videos of speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger communicate with her own dog with this method. The Sheepadoodle taps two tiles to say, “Love you, dad” in one clip. De...