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Fido offers 5GB / month of free data to select clients again

Right now, Fido has an "exclusive special offer" available to select customers, in the form of free 5GB / month data. A text message was sent today to eligible accounts based on RFD. The message says: “A gift for you. What could it be? Get 5GB per month of additional data at no additional cost. "Customers are asked to log into their Fido accounts online before January 30, 2021 to accept the free 5GB data offer. Once you've logged in, the offer says, "We think you deserve more, so we're giving you more data for free!" "No additional cost, no new contract, no jokes," explains the text message, which is only available to the intended recipient. The 5GB offering can be a way for Fido to keep its customers close and not switch to another wireless service provider. Please let us...
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Unlimited plans from the big three carriers now start at $ 80 in Canada

After a long promotional run, Bell, Rogers and Telus have raised the price and reduced the data for their unlimited entry-level plans. For months now, consumers have been able to get a 20GB unlimited plan for $ 75 per month from each of Canada's big carriers, but that all changed this week. Now the entry-level plan includes 15GB of unlimited data and costs $ 80. The next plan at Bell and Rogers is labeled as a promotion and offers 25GB for $ 85. As an alternative, Telus has two $ 90 plans; one for sharing data between devices like an Apple Watch and an iPhone, and the other is a shared family plan. Neither of these plans offer much value compared to the previous $ 75 / 20GB option we saw in late 2020. Right now, folks looking for ...
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Rogers Reports 114,000 Postpaid Wireless Network Additions in Q4 2020

Toronto-based national operator Rogers reported 114,000 postpaid wireless subscriber additions in the fourth quarter of 2020, and now has a total of 9,683,000 postpaid wireless subscribers. This is a slight decrease from the 131,000 postpaid wireless network additions the carrier reported in Q4 2019, according to Rogers Q4 2020. quarterly earnings report released on January 28. "Rogers continued to see sequential improvement in the fourth quarter, ending the year with solid efficiency gains across all of our businesses, a strong balance sheet, strong wireless postpaid net subscribers, and continued momentum in cash flow growth in our business from cable, "Rogers CEO Joe Natale said in the report. The carrier also reported 40,000 prepaid net losses. Rogers now has a total of 1,260,0...
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Rogers tops ranking as most trusted 5G network in GTA in Q4 2020: report

Rogers has topped the ranking as the most reliable 5G network in the greater Toronto area for the fourth quarter of 2020, according to a new Umlaut report. The Toronto-based national airline received a score of 917 out of 1,000, according to the report, which was commissioned by Rogers. Vancouver-based national carrier Telus came in second with a score of 868 and Montreal-based Bell followed with a score of 856. The overall score is determined by ranking performance for standard consumer use cases, such as browsing popular websites, downloading / uploading content, and streaming video content. “As a major business center and the most populous city in Canada, GTA is a hotbed of technology and innovation and we are proud to bring th...
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Competition Bureau Campaign Encourages Canadians to Change Telecom Provider

The Competition Office has launched a 'Switch Week' campaign encourage Canadians to change service providers to save money. The bureau says that by changing your telecommunications, insurance and banking providers or renegotiating your contracts, you can take advantage of the competition to lower your monthly bills. Anthony Durocher, deputy commissioner of the Competition Office, said MobileSyrup in an interview that the goal of the week-long awareness campaign is "essentially to inform Canadians about the potential savings." The campaign highlights that Canadians could be overpaying about $ 1,860 per year if they stick to their combined telecommunications, banking and insurance plans. He notes that last year, one in four Canadians surveyed renegotiated their contracts or changed prov...
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Telus Ranked as Canada’s Fastest Mobile Operator for Q4 2020 – Report

Telus has been ranked as the fastest mobile operator in Canada for the fourth quarter of 2020, according to the latest market analysis report from Ookla. The Vancouver-based national carrier, which also topped the rankings in Q3 2020, received a speed score of 87.88. To determine speed scores, Ookla measures the upload and download speed of each provider to rank overall network speed performance. Montreal-based national carrier Bell followed in second place with a score of 84.51 and Toronto-based national carrier Rogers came in third with a score of 73.05. The report highlights that among the major mobile service providers, Freedom Mobile had the lowest latency at 27 ms. Roger's flanker brand Fido followed with 28ms and Telus came in third with 29ms. Rogers and Bell comp...
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Rogers and Telus will stop offering a $ 75 / 20GB promotional plan on January 24

Some of Canada's 'big three' have been offering $ 75 / 20GB promotional plans for quite some time. Now, some of those promotions will end on January 24, 2021. Both of them Rogers and Telus They have posted end dates for their $ 75 / 20GB promotional plans. The operators' websites indicate that the promotion ends on January 24, 2021. If you have not obtained one of these plans, but still want it, you have a little over a week to do so. Typically, Rogers and Telus charge $ 75 per month for unlimited 10GB plans; the promotional plan increases the amount of data to 20GB. These plans provide users with a set data cap on the total network speed, followed by unlimited use at a limited speed of up to 512 Kbps. These plans also include ...
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Fido Promotion for Freedom Mobile Customers – $ 45 / 20GB plan if changes

Rogers-owned Fido is currently offering a promotional plan for Shaw's Freedom Mobile customers if they switch. Fido's website says, "Switch from Freedom today!", Then details a $ 45 / 20GB promo plan, available only for 10 months. Get 20GB for $ 45 per month after bill credit for 10 months if you bring your own phone. Only when switching from Freedom to Fido. The offer will apply to your second or third invoice. Rush! Limited-time offer, ”says Fido's website. The offer removes the $ 45 / line setup fee, and the plan after 10 months increases to $ 55 per month (To update: Rogers clarified that it will increase to $ 55, not $ 75 per month after 10 months). You are basically saving $ 10 per month for 10 months for BYOD customers. If you are interested in being a free agent a...

Rogers is now offering a $ 45 / 25GB ‘Winback’ plan in Ontario It seems

In September Rogers began offering a $ 45 / 25GB 'winback' plan to customers in BC and Alberta, as a competitive response to the same Shaw Mobile plan for its Internet customers. The 'Winback' plans are offers of love offered by operators to former customers in an attempt to lure them back. Now, it looks like we're finally seeing the $ 45 / 25GB payback plan heading east for Ontario customers. The $ 45 per month plan includes 25GB of data and unlimited talk and text, with the usual extras. “I just got a call from Rogers winback and he was offered this limited plan of $ 45 / month for 25gb and the usual unlimited calls to all of Canada, etc. This is not an infinite plan. I didn't ask about device credits because I didn't need a new phone. 2 lines moved (the rep said up to 1...
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Bell, Rogers and Telus offer free AirPods with iPhone 12 purchases

Following the Rogers deal on the 24th, all the major carriers in Canada are offering free AirPods with the purchase of a new iPhone 12. Each carrier is a little different, but for the most part, each offer earns the buyer a free pair of Apple AirPod headphones. Bell's deal The big blue carrier is a little different from the crowd with this deal. Instead of including AirPods with the purchase, you're instead giving customers a $ 150 bill credit on their third bill. That means you can choose from a selection of accessories at checkout and get one for free. This lets you choose from more options, including high-end AirPods with wireless charging case, wireless chargers, Galaxy Buds, fast chargers, and more. Bell is also offering six months of its Crave streaming service as a free pro...
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Rogers offers free AirPods with any financing iPhone 12 purchase on the Infinite plan

Rogers offers customers Free AirPods with charging case when you buy any iPhone 12 with financing and a Rogers Infinite plan. "Offer available with activation or upgrade to an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12 Pro Max with financing and a Rogers Infinite plan," notes the operator's website. Customers can also save $ 100 when they buy any phone online. Rogers notes that AirPods are worth $ 219 and that there is a limit of one AirPods per account. This agreement is part of the Rogers Boxing Week agreements. You can learn more about the operator's other offers here.
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Chatr Launches Boxing Week Deals With Bonus Data And More

Rogers flanker brand Chatr has officially launched its Boxing week deals and offers bonus data with select plans. The carrier offers an additional 2GB of data per month for three months on plans that cost $ 25 and up. Chatr notes that the data bonus will expire if an account becomes inactive or a plan is changed before the end of the three-month period. Chatr also offers the one-month rate on credit on all plans. The operator points out that the credit equivalent to the one-month plan rate will be applied on the third anniversary date. It's worth noting that these offers are only available with new activations. You can learn more about the offers here.