Tuesday, December 1


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TekSavvy asks the Federal Court of Appeals to overturn CRTC’s wholesale rate suspension decision

TekSavvy is asking the Federal Court of Appeals to overturn the CRTC's suspension decision last month regarding wholesale rates. On September 28, the commission approved the licensees' request to postpone the implementation of the reduced total fees that were introduced in August 2019. The carrier argues that the CRTC suspension decision is "so flawed and unreasonable that the Federal Court of Appeals should annul it." TekSavvy Vice President of Carrier and Regulatory Affairs Andy Kaplan-Myrth states that "the failure of the CRTC to implement the fair and reasonable final wholesale rates it established in 2019 only serves to weaken competition and maintain high prices for consumers. " In its court filing, TekSavvy argues that the suspension decision is contrary to the federal govern...