Friday, November 27

rocky balboa

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Olympic gold medalist snowboards down the ‘Rocky’ steps

Olympic Gold medalist and snowboarder Sebastien Toutant went from slaying the slopes to channeling his inner Rocky Balboa in January 2019. Toutant partnered with Red Bull to tackle Philadelphia’s “Rocky” steps, AKA the Philadelphia Musem of Art’s 72 stairs. “I’ve known about ‘Rocky,’ Philadelphia and the steps, but I had actually never been to the stairs before,” Toutant told Teton Gravity. “Red Bull came up with the idea and picked me to be the rider.”Now naturally, a seasoned snowboarder like Toutant isn’t just going to run up the staircase. No, Toutant managed to pull off a 50-50 slide (a type of grind where the board is parallel to the surface it’s on) down the Philadelphia fixture. While there isn’t usually railing on the steps, kinked rails and ramps were i...