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Intel Details Upcoming 11th Gen ‘Rocket Lake’ Desktop CPUs

Intel has shared some details about its upcoming 11th-generation desktop CPUs that will arrive in Q1 2021. The new details come after the company teased its new 'Rocket Lake' chips earlier this month. in a blog post, Intel explained what people can expect from the Rocket Lake architecture on the 11th Gen Intel Core S-Series desktop processors. First, the new chips will use Intel's Cypress Core architecture, which is a variant of the company's 10nm Ice Lake core moved to the 14nm architecture. Cypress Core also takes advantage of the company's new Xe graphics architecture of 10nm Tiger Lake mobile processors. While some are likely to be disappointed that Intel is offering 14nm chips again rather than migrating desktop CPUs to its n...
11th gen core desktop CPUs, intel, News, rocket lake, Tablets & Computers

Intel Teases 11th Gen ‘Rocket Lake’ Desktop CPUs in Q1 2021

Intel has confirmed that its 11th Gen Core desktop processors, codenamed 'Rocket Lake', are on the way. Additionally, the company plans to launch Rocket Lake in the first quarter of next year. Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Client Computing, Workstations and Gaming group John Bonini explained this in a blog post shared by the company on October 7. The post details some of Intel's work on games and hints at what's to come with Rocket Lake. Bonini confirmed that Rocket Lake would provide support for PCIe 4.0. PCIe slots are commonly found in desktop PCs and are used to expand hardware, such as adding graphics processing units (GPUs), Wi-Fi or sound cards, SSDs, and more. PCIe 4.0 offers twice the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0, reaching a theoretica...