Wednesday, November 25

risk of rain 2

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‘Risk of Rain 2’ comes to Google Stadia with a 20 percent discount

Hopoo Games '' Risk of rain 2 is now available on the Stadia Store with a 20% discount. Earlier this year, publisher Gearbox Digital Announced Risk of rain 2 would come to stadia. Now you have come with a discount in tow. Normally in Canada, the game costs $ 28.99, but until October 7 you can get it for $ 23.19. Additionally, Google offers a $ 10 coupon for your first game with Stadia Pro, so if you sign up for the premium version of the game streaming service, you can save more on the game.For those who are not familiar with Risk of rain 2, is a cooperative roguelike shooter that sees players land on an alien planet. You and up to four friends must fight to get off the planet or stay to see how long you can survive. Players can unlock a team of up t...