Saturday, November 28

rio de janeiro

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Brazilian performers launch drive-in circus to entertain community

We all could use a little light-hearted entertainment right now.Rio de Janeiro artists from the Estoril Circus got together to find a way to get back on stage. After a four-month hiatus, the clowns, jugglers and performers created a drive-in circus. Estoril Circus is using the same model as drive-in movie theaters. Guests can pull up inside of the circus tent which can hold up to 40 vehicles — ensuring social distancing measures are enforced and maintained. For $15 to $20, audience members can honk their horns and flash their headlights instead of clapping. Anderson de Souza Silva, a Batatinha (little potato in Portuguese) clown, compared the circus closure to losing a loved one, according to the Associated Press. “Today, thank God, we are having the oppo...