Saturday, November 28

rice paper flowers

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Baker’s sugar flowers look like they were plucked straight from a garden

Nelson Pantano is the baker behind The King Cake. The Brazilian foodie began making confections with his mother when he was just 11 years old. Today The King Cake is known for its “sweet sugar flowers that imitate natural specimens.” Unlike other hyperrealistic cakes, Pantano’s focus isn’t on deception so much as aesthetics.Each of his cakes is recognizable as a cake before cutting into it. Most of them have a traditional round base. However, the edible flowers he uses to adorn the desserts are quite convincing.  Patano showed off one of his flowers on Instagram in July. It’s a light pink dahlia with a green stem. It looks as soft and delicate as any real one. “Made of rice paper, all edible!” Patano assured in the caption. His floral talent was e...