Saturday, November 28


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Lenovo Yoga C940 review: soundbar hinge offers excellent laptop computing

When I got my hands on the Lenovo Yoga C940 for the first time, I was a bit dismayed. I tend to prefer smaller, sleeker laptops that are lightweight and easy to transport. The last Lenovo laptop I reviewed, the ThinkBook 13s, was easily one of my favorite Windows laptops for that very reason. While the Yoga C940 certainly isn't the lightest laptop out there, it still impressed me. There is a lot that I like about Yoga. From its unique design to its powerful specs, it looks great on paper. In practice, I found that it lived up to expectations, although a few shortcomings hampered the experience. Despite those problems, the Lenovo Yoga offers excellent functionality. For one thing, it's a powerful, high-end computer. However, thanks to a unique hinge mechanism, it also folds into ...