Sunday, November 29

return to school

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TDSB says return-to-school plan could cost upwards of $250M – The Canadian News

The Toronto District School Board says implementing a cohort return-to-school plan this fall could cost as much as $250-million. In a document prepared by the TDSB, several scenarios are presented that include face-to-face learning five days a week with either cohorts of 15 students or class size depending on grade level or full class size. The TDSB says maintaining 15 student cohorts at the elementary level with one teacher for a full day of learning would require an additional 2,500 teachers which would cost almost $250-million. The same model but with the class day shortened by 48 minutes would require almost 1,000 additional teachers and additional costs of $100-million. In each scenario, teachers would be required to cover all subjects and the cohorts could see a mix...