Thursday, December 3

Rehan Staton

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He used to work in sanitation. Now, he’s on his way to Harvard Law School

A 24-year-old Maryland man has captured headlines after he spent three years working in sanitation before later securing a highly coveted spot at Harvard Law School, the Washington Post reports.For three years, Rehan Staton, who lives in Bowie, worked at Bates Trucking & Trash Removal in Bladensburg, according to the newspaper. The 24-year-old would wake up at 4 a.m., pick up trash, clean dumpsters and head straight to class at the University of Maryland. The circumstances were less than ideal but unavoidable, Staton said.Growing up, Staton had a rough childhood, he told the Post.“My mom abandoned my dad, my brother and I when she moved back to Sri Lanka,” he said. “I was probably too young to notice some of the things that happened, but I know it was bad....