Saturday, November 28


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Designer upcycles everyday objects into unique, wearable fashion

Nicole McLaughlin turns everyday objects into sustainable fashion. McLaughlin’s pieces are wearable, functional and evoke a certain street style aesthetic that feels ultra-cool. Cupcake pool sliders, a personal fan bikini, Lego shorts and a breakfast cereal utility vest are just a few of her dopest designs. McLaughlin said her hobby became a career in 2018 when she began to garner public attention. She ditched her day job as a graphic designer at Reebok to work full-time as an artist. She first began to dabble with sustainable fashion as a way to balance all of her time spent on a computer.“I think it was a lot of being on the computer all day, which can sometimes get so mundane. And you want to be able to exercise your ideas outside of that,” McLaugh...