Tuesday, December 1

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Red panda gives birth to 2 healthy cubs at Toronto Zoo – The Canadian News

The Toronto Zoo says a two-year-old red panda named Ila gave birth to two healthy cubs earlier this week. The zoo says it is the first time a red panda has been pregnant there in 24 years. “We are excited to announce that our red panda Ila gave birth to two healthy cubs in the late afternoon of Tuesday, July 14,” the Zoo said in a tweet. “This is the first red panda pregnancy at the Zoo since 1996, and this is the first offspring for mother Ila with father Suva.”Staff first announced the panda’s pregnancy in June, after noticing multiple breeding attempts between two of the animals earlier this year. Keepers are now observing the cubs by video cameras to ensure they don’t disturb them from nursing. The zoo says it’s cautiously optimistic about the cubs surviving. Red pandas...