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Here’s what’s coming to Hayu’s reality TV streaming service in November

Everyone knows Netflix, Crave, and Amazon Prime Video, but there are other video streaming platforms in Canada for fans of niche content as well. For example, NBC Universal's Hayu is a reality TV subscription streaming service that receives new series monthly and ongoing series weekly. Hayu is available in Android Y iOS, Apple tv Y desk. Here's what's coming to the Hayu reality TV streaming platform in November:Below Cover: Season 8 (11/03/20) Killer Siblings: Season 2 (11/08/20) The Real Orange County Murders (11/09/20) The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City: Season 1 (11/12/20)This is what is happening this month:The Real Housewives of Potomac: Season 5 - Monday Snapped: Season 28 - Monday The Real Murders of Orange Count...
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Netflix’s new show, ‘Love on the Spectrum,’ highlights the dating lives of people with autism

A new Netflix series is exploring the dating lives of young people with autism.The show, called “Love on the Spectrum” originally aired in Australia, but is now available on the streaming service. All five episodes of the docuseries debuted on July 22.Each episode follows the 11 contestants as they go on dates, explore relationships and look for love. The premise is simple and intimate — one of the reasons the Los Angeles Times called it “TV’s most honest dating show.”“We thought, why not represent these people in their best light, just like every other series does?” Cian O’Clery, the series’ creator, told the newspaper. “The fact that people have a disability or condition shouldn’t affect the way we represent them.”Many reviews have agreed that O’...