Wednesday, December 2

raven skye

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5-year-old boy calms himself down by singing Frank Sinatra at the doctor’s office

Nobody likes getting shots at the doctor, especially if you’re a kid.Raven Skye, a 5-year-old from Caloocan City in the Philippines, was absolutely terrified to get an anti-rabies vaccine last June. He had been scratched by a stray cat while playing and required the shot as a precaution. The boy’s family brought him to a local clinic for the routine procedure but fear quickly took over.“His brothers and sisters tease him about the needle at home so his fears grew,” his aunt Maria Chris Kyosa told Newsflare.Raven cried and resisted the shot, but in the end, he used an unexpected coping mechanism to stay brave. It turns out he’s a huge Frank Sinatra fan. Kysoa told Newsflare that Raven likes to dance and sing while watching Sinatra’s videos at home.Raven wa...