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Google Chrome Update Brings Performance Improvements, Tab Search, and More

The world's most popular browser is getting a major performance update to end the year. Google detailed its new Chrome update in a blog post, which describes some internal changes that improve performance. Along with better performance, Chrome will also introduce some useful new features that make it easier to access some features. First are the performance improvements. The most significant change Google made is the way Chrome handles tabs: the browser will now prioritize users' active tab over others running in the background. According to Google, this change reduces CPU usage by up to five times while extending battery life up to 1.25 hours, although that's based on internal benchmarks. Usage in the real world could (and probably will) differ. Those interested in the essentia...
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IPhone 12 Pro models have 6GB of RAM, beating last year’s iPhone 11 Pro

Every year, before the delivery of new iPhones, people are always trying to figure out how much RAM is included in these new models. We now know how much RAM is in the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 12, thanks to the plist files found in Xcode 12.1 beta, as seen by MacRumors.Here are the results:iPhone 12 mini - 4GB RAM iPhone 12 - 4GB RAM iPhone 12 Pro - 6GB RAM iPhone 12 Pro Max - 6GB RAMAll iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models from last year had 4GB of RAM. This means that for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, these models get an additional 2GB of RAM. We will have to wait for the official Geekbench results to find out what difference there is with 2GB of extra RAM on Apple's iPhone 12 Pro models. Pre-orders for iPhone 12 an...
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Lease the Beast: the biggest, baddest trucks you can lease 

Leasing a vehicle, like eating an entire poutine or saying “yes” to the menu at Swiss Chalet, is something that should be approached with caution. Restrictions are many, ranging from how many clicks you can put on the odometer to how much you can modify the vehicle itself. Run afoul of these guidelines and the lease-end inspector could come down on you faster than your author’s arteries slam shut after ingesting his second bacon sandwich of the day.This form of ownership (rental, to be precise) does have its benefits, especially if you own a business. Stated simply, a manufacturer projects the value of their vehicle at lease end, called the residual. The difference between this number and the agreed-upon sales price will be paid by the customer, split into equal payments over th...
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Ram’s Heavy Duty Limited Black Edition is darkness in truck form

What’s a perfect recipe for keeping the buying public engaged in a model that’s been on the market for a year or so? Create some new versions with different paint and wallpaper, of course.This time around Ram has decided to dip its excellent Heavy Duty truck in a pot of inky black paint.The 2020 Ram Heavy Duty Limited Black model offers a monochromatic appearance package that makes the most of dark accent trim. This includes blacking out the grille and its R-A-M billboard, door handles, side-view trailer tow mirrors, and tow hooks.The headlight and taillight bezels have also been treated to the Back-in-Black motif. Trucks with single rear wheels come with 20-inch black rims; while dual rear-wheel models feature 17-inchers in the name of payload and hauling.No mechanical changes ...
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Chrome has a reputation for eating RAM, but Google is working to make it better

Google Chrome has a well-earned reputation for gobbling up computer RAM. However, Google has been working hard to remedy some of the problems. A recent report from the Wall Street Journal outlines why Chrome can be so resource intensive while also sharing tips to improve the situation. In short, computer programs run ‘processes’ in RAM. Chrome, by design, runs separate processes for each tab and extension, which can protect users’ security and privacy while also preventing a tab crash from taking down the whole browser. Unfortunately, it also means that running lots of tabs or extensions can quickly take up significant amounts of RAM and slow down a computer. WSJ notes that Chrome is working on ways to limit how much power resource-heavy ads can use. More significantly, Chrome’s dir...
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Basic hitch: how to option every 2020 full-size light-duty truck for work

Believe it or not, there are some customers who buy or lease a truck and actually make the thing work for a living. As it happens, manufacturers know not all pickups will lead a semi-charmed life of shuttling kids to the rink and making Costco runs on weekends.That’s why it remains possible to configure full-size light-duty trucks for labour, not luxury.They make up a small but important percentage of the product mix, inhabiting our nation’s job sites while ferrying hard-working Canadians to the oil patch or construction areas.We’ve delved into each of the five models available in today’s so-called ‘half-ton’ class, choosing specs designed to help customers get the job done, not impress the neighbours. Where possible, the trucks in this list will have four-wheel-drive and an eig...