Sunday, November 29

Ralph Brown

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‘Selling Sunset’: Amanza Smith talks about her missing ex Ralph Brown (Exclusive)

By 16 seconds ago Amanza smith He is still trying to track down the father of his children, former NFL player Ralph Brown. The real estate agent opened up emotionally about her missing ex-husband in seasons two and three of "Selling Sunset ", and months later, he tells ET that he still doesn't know where he is.According to Amanza, Ralph disappeared last August, two weeks after the filming of the second season of the Netflix show. "We filmed for seven and a half months, when he was still nowhere to be found," he tells ET's Brice Sander. “This is a big part of my life and I have cameras following me 24/7. You can not hide ". Over the past year, Amanza filed a missing persons report and hired a private investigator, but was unable to locate R...