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Racism and Bigotry

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ELDER: The problem with politically correct history

Malcolm X, as a member of the Nation of Islam, preached anti-Semitism and called the white man “devil.” After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X dismissed the murder as a case of “the chickens coming home to roost.”In Spike Lee’s biographical drama, “Malcolm X,” a white teenage girl approaches the angry activist and says: “Excuse me, Mr. X. Hi. I’ve read some of your speeches, and I honestly believe that a lot of what you have to say is true. And I’m a good person, in spite of what my ancestors did, and I just — I wanted to ask you, what can a white person like myself who isn’t prejudiced, what can I do to help you … further your cause?” He stares sternly, and replies, “Nothing.” She leaves in tears.But Malcolm X changed. He visited Mecca, where he saw people of all ...
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Neo-Nazis ask followers to ‘deliberately infect’ Jews, Muslims with virus: U.K. report

Ideological groups on all sides of the spectrum are fanning the flames of hatred amid the novel coronavirus by telling followers to “deliberately infect” Jews and Muslims, warns a U.K. government counter-terrorism agency. According to research published by the U.K.’s Commission for Countering Extremism, the agency says it has received mounting reports of extremist groups ranging from far-right, far-left and Islamist extremists bent on taking advantage of the ongoing pandemic as a means to “sow division’’ in communities by foisting conspiracy theories onto their supporters. “We have heard reports of British Far Right activists and Neo-Nazi groups promoting anti-minority narratives by encouraging users to deliberately infect groups, including Jewish communities,” warns the re...
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ELDER: ‘Uncle Tom,’ the movie

On June 19, also referred to as Juneteenth, the celebration of the tip of slavery in america, we launched our movie, “Uncle Tom.” It follows a younger, black, Christian contractor, Chad Jackson, who was a long-time Democrat till challenged by a fellow Christian to learn the platforms of the Democratic and Republican events.He did.Jackson was shocked to find that his help for restricted authorities, low taxes and college selection, and his opposition to abortion on demand, made him a … Republican!“Uncle Tom” explores the often-vicious blowback Jackson acquired from family and friends, not to mention others, when he introduced his conversion. As an alternative of Jackson’s evolution sparking a wholesome dialogue about which occasion’s insurance policies higher advance the pursuits ...