Wednesday, October 21

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¿Qué Pasa?, ULTIMAS

COVID-19 brings to light the invisible workers of Canada – La Jornada Canada

Hundreds of Mexican and Central American seasonal workers have contracted COVID-19 in Canadian farms and three have died as a result of the pandemic, which has brought to light the problems of some workers who for decades have been invisible to most of the Canadians.Years ago, Canadian of Nicaraguan origin Martha Chaves, Canada's best-known Latin American humorist, popularized a joke using a tongue twister that children repeat in North America.In an English with a strong Hispanic accent, Chaves recites "Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers", which can be translated as "Peter Piper picked up a bunch of pickled peppers" and which in Spanish is the equivalent of "Pablito clavo un nailed in the bald ...