Thursday, December 3

public toilets

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Nature’s calling but there’s nowhere to answer. Why we need to make public toilets a number one issue. – The Canadian News

In today’s Big Story podcast, we can joke as much as we want about it, but the reality is that we all go to the bathroom, every single day. It’s a basic human need. Yet many cities are failing at providing accessible public toilets for everyone. What will it take for politicians and city planners to take the issue seriously and address the underlying discrimination and inequality? Which cities are doing it right? How has the pandemic highlighted the need for accessible public washrooms? Could this be a turning point? GUEST: Lezlie Lowe, author of No Place to Go: How Public Toilets Fail Our Private NeedsYou can subscribe to The Big Story podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google and Spotify. You can also find it at